Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is the perfect way to turn boring walls into your own personal art gallery. Whether it’s a laughter-filled family photo, portraits or a gorgeous shot of a natural landscape, a canvas print works for many occasions.

Here at Artistic Wholesale, we specialize in transforming your digital files into upscale tangible photos, and canvas printing is one of our favorite ways to do it. We use the best processes and the output is a true giclée, no matter the substrate. What makes canvas printing such a great choice?

Gives Your Images a Professional Look with Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are unique in that they give even cell phone photos a professional look. In fact, if you are looking for class and elegance, few printing processes are better.

Unlike photo prints, canvases contain less gloss. This means that the small details in your photos will stand out more. The texture also adds a unique, tangible feel to your photos, allowing the vibrant colors and images to come to life in your home and office.

You won’t need a professional decorator when you work with us; all you need are some beautiful images to turn into canvas prints. Should you still want a decorator or designer, take comfort in knowing we have some on staff.

Keeps Your Favorite Images Looking Good on Canvas

Another perk to choosing this style is that your pictures will last for a long time. In fact, did you know that most museum pieces are printed on canvas?

That’s because canvas prints are much more durable and can withstand a lot more variance in the environment. You can even hang your prints in humid areas of the house such as the bathroom.

By printing an image on canvas, you are creating a work of art that will last for generations.

Makes Decorating Your Utah Home or Business Simple

Lastly, this process makes decorating a breeze. Not only are they lightweight and easy to move around, but they also don’t need a traditional glass panel like photos do.

In fact, many canvas prints wrapped around an internal frame. You no longer have to worry about picking out frames that match the room. Instead, your print will be ready to hang up in any room at any time. If you desire a frame, we can accommodate that, too. We have thousands of mouldings to choose from, including a unique selection of floater frames designed with wrapped canvas in mind.

These prints are also extremely easy to customize. Transform your image into different panels for extra visual impact, or size it to match your wall. With virtually unlimited sizing options, you’ll get exactly the look you want.

Utah’s, Premiere Canvas Printing Professionals

Here in Midvale, Utah, it can be difficult to compete with the mountain landscape on beauty, but our canvas prints can hold their own. Get stunning images when you partner with us.

Not sure if canvas printing is right for your project? Call us and talk with one of our experienced printing specialists today!