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Circular frames and more!

With our printing and CNC router services, we love to get creative with our product! Did you know we can make custom circular frames? AND even frame them around your metal prints?! Our CNC Router is capable of cutting any shape and design you want. The size and dimensions are computer programmed to cut any substrate, whether it is wood, aluminum metal, plexiglass etc.

To print your image you may email an attached file at with a description of how you would like the image printed, and the size. We also take CD, flash drive, as well as scanning hardcopies (whether it is a photo or an original art piece). Any questions you have regarding printing or framing please contact via email or feel free to give us a call at 801-561-2604.

Contact us today and we will be happy to bring your pictures and designs to life!


You’re Invited!

Exciting things are going on this week that we don’t want you to miss!  We are holding an open house, April 26 and 27 8am – 5pm and April 28 11am – 2pm. Lunch and refreshments will be served during the event! 

Discontinued moulding are on sale at 50% off and Redline moulding is only $0.50 – $2.00 per foot

Framed Artwork and Mirrors are 25% off

Discontinued mat boards, including linen and suede only $2.99 – $8.99

In addition to great deals, get 10% off any order placed during the open house and bring a friend and you both will get a FREE fitting for your frames!

Please come on by! Enjoy the food, the company, our sweet prices, and let us help you with your artistic designs!


Artistic Wholesale Supply

Moulding Manufacturers

Moulding Manufacturers
Just like any art piece or photograph comes in different shape, size, texture, color, style, theme, so do the mouldings that frame and complete them! Whether visiting our website or our showroom on location, at Artistic Wholesale we carry and supply a wide range and variety of mouldings, provided by many of the best manufacturers and other picture framing supplies.  Manufacturers we carry are;
Wall, AMPF, Arquati, AWSD, Designer, Framerica, Michelangelo, Omega, Studio, Universal, as well as Linen Liners and Metals.
In need of that specific frame to compliment your image? We’ll take care of you!
Call us today at 801-561-2604 or visit our showroom, 6898 S 400 W,  Midvale, UT 84047
Artistic Wholesale Supply

Barnwood! Brought to you by Omega

We have new barnwood mouldings from Omega! These rustic barnwood style mouldings have a rich textured surface, natural hues and a time-worn finish. This look captures the weathered beauty of reclaimed wood and is the perfect moulding to frame your images from photos of the outdoors to family pictures.

This moulding also goes perfect with any artwork of beautiful landscapes and natural settings. As described from Omega, this “Relics” collection is produced on naturally knotty wood and distressed to create an authentic look. Due to the unique characteristics, your frame may vary from the pictured samples. We are excited to have these barnwoods to frame and complete your images!

Barnwood! Brought to you by Omega

Barnwood! Brought to you by OmegaBarnwood! Brought to you by Omega

Barnwood! Brought to you by OmegaBarnwood! Brought to you by Omega

As our website is currently being updated, these barnwood mouldings have not yet been added to our online inventory so please feel free to stop by our store, or give us a call at 801-561-2604 to order your frames today!

Listed below are the moulding numbers and sizes.

#83989 brwn, #83990 gry  – 2 5/8″

#83991 brwn, #83992 gry – 1 5/8″

#83993 brwn, #83994 gry – 7/8″

#83995 brwn, #83996 gry – 1 3/4″ Floater 1 7/8″h






Printing Services!

In this day and age technology has made it so easy to capture photos and images. An entire photo album can quickly be saved on a phone, computer or posted on social media within minutes! Yet, how often do we leave those images and “captured moments” on the internet, or stashed away in a folder?

At Artistic Wholesale Supply, we value in showcasing and preserving your images. Let us print yours today! Whether it is a photo from a phone, an original art piece or any other medium, our printing services produce the highest quality images that are crisp, and clear. They are perfect for a fine art reproduction or hotel art prints. You can bring your images on a hard copy, CD, flash drive, or even send them via email! We even hang your prints!

E.g. canvas printing and metal printing!

Printing Services!Printing Services!

Artistic Wholesale Supply




Hello 2018

Happy New Year!
We would like to extend a big thank you to all of our customers for allowing us to serve you during the holidays! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and it’s always a pleasure to assist with your artistic designs. Keep them coming!
We are looking forward to many exciting things for the new year. We are in the process of updating our inventory of mouldings so while some moulding selections have been discontinued, we have new mouldings coming in! This may take a while to complete and to update on our website, so please call or stop by our store to see what is available.
You may also visit our Facebook page for more news and information!
Thank you
Artisitc Wholesale Supply
Hello 2018  Hello 2018

New Artistic Signs!



New Artistic Signs!

Our new signs are up and dressed to showcase our business! We felt the exterior needed more life and color, so with our high tech tools available, our creative team designed and manufactured these beautiful signs. Each letter was carefully cut and shaped by our amazing cnc router then we used our high quality dye sublimation process to print  vibrant colors on to the metal pieces. Our sign making service promises one-of-a-kind signage for your business.

Once assembled and mounted we were excited to install them outside our facility. Come visit us and let us help you complete any of your designs, artwork, and photographs. Our services include; custom framing (choose from a wide range of mouldings) and we do images of any size and for canvas prints, fine art paper prints and metal prints!

During this “last minute” holiday season it’s not too late to order for a special gift, an event, or your personal need. So hurry in before the end of the year!

Contact us at 801-561-2604 or stop by our store located at 6898 South 400 West, Midvale, Utah 84047


Artistic Wholesale Supply

Hale Centre Theatre

The Mountain America Performing Arts Centre (home of Hale Centre Theatre) has officially opened where Artistic Wholesale Supply had the honor of framing and installing pictures in their beautiful new facility!

The best of mouldings were carefully selected to custom frame each piece and we were able to print some of the images on the finest art paper through our high tech CNC machine. Once assembled and completed the frames were delivered and installed at the theatre by our wonderful team.

I.e. A portrait of the Founders, Nathan and Ruth Hale (or Grandpa and Grandma Hale as they are well known in the community), hangs above the fireplace mantle in it’s new ornate frame and engraved plaque.

Hale Centre Theatre

We congratulate our friends at Hale Centre Theatre on their grand opening and many thanks for having Artistic Wholesale Supply be a part of the creative process. Enjoy your new home!


Artistic Wholesale Supply


Resin Artwork + Framing

Artistic Wholesale is introducing new artwork into their lineup of products. Artist Andrew Heiner is creating Original Resin art onsite and displaying it in the showroom. If you would like to know who to make this artwork or interested in taking a look, Stop by and come into our showroom.
Resin Artwork
The colors of this piece called Purple River really stand out in our showroom. The same wall coloring is used in the artwork. The flowing look is created by using a two part resin. The resin is transparent and anything that is mixed or below the applied resin shows through. After applying the resin, paint can be dribbled onto the resin while it flows around the board. While the resin sets other items canbe applied to the top coat, this piece broken glass to add texture to the artwork
Resin Artwork
After the artwork dried, the artwork was framed using item # 1032 turned on it’s side with a small blue liner inset into the upturned frame. This made a deep floating frame with a small rabbet. The sides were lined with black Foam and the back was lined with the dripping paper that was used when the artwork was being developed. The art was floated about 3″ off the backing to create a deep shadow, mainly so the backing wouldn’t take too much away from the art itself. Foam-core was used as a backing and to create the space between the art and the backing. Because of the weight of the art, glue was used to adhere the layers.
Resin Artwork + Framing
Resin art looks amazing in person, photos don’t do it justice. the layers can be very complex almost like looking into a piece of granite counter top. Come in and take a lookat the artwork on the walls, maybe it will just give you the creative idea to produce your own show stopping content for your store.
Resin Artwork + Framing

Artistic Wholesale & our new website

Happy new year,

With the change of the new year some exciting things have happened on our website. The rights to the website and the phone number were purchased by Artistic Wholesale Supply. We are in the process of updating the moulding choices on this site to match our current inventory. This may take a while to complete, so while we are doing this please call and see what is available. We offer the same services that warehouse framing offered, with some newer choices as far as moulding and mats are concerned.

As we improve this website, I hope we can offer a better experience than that you were receiving at warehouse framing.


Artistic Wholesale Supply

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