CNC Routing Services

If you haven’t heard about our CNC routing services, you’re missing out! With our fancy machines, we’re able to transform a boring block of wood into a three-dimensional piece of art.

It’s almost better than Picasso.

Whether you want your own intricate art pieces or a stunning routed sign, our CNC machines create custom projects that impress. Our router spans 5 x 10 feet, meaning it can handle many different material sizes.

Choose Your Printing Material for CNC Routing

We stated previously that our machines can cut through wood to create great designs, but they also work on aluminum, plastic, brass and foam as well. The softness of the substrate allows us to create stunning routed signs and artwork.

CNC Routed Works of Art

Routing is a unique style of artwork that carves out small designs in a soft material such as wood. This gives the piece layers and intricacy that can’t be reproduced with two-dimensional printing.

Our machines are capable of creating deep and thin lines that would take an average person years to learn to hand carve. Not only will it save you time, but also it’s incredibly precise. That means you won’t have to compromise your design for production.

Just don’t be surprised if your art merchandise sells out fast.

Want to help your artwork stand out even more? Add in extra contrast by staining or burning the top. The material underneath will remain the same color while the top develops a richer and darker hue.

CNC Signs for Your Utah Business

Our CNC routing services are also a great option for creating classy signage. One of the most popular usages of our CNC machine is creating indoor dimensional lettering signage.

Now you can get your brand logo and name cut out of wood or metal and applied to the wall. The 3-D effect will be a showstopper for your clients.

Our machines are capable of cutting out each letter individually as well as your detached logo pieces. This allows you to effectively utilize the white space on your walls to create stunning interior designs featuring your brand.

Our CNC routing machines are also a great way to create upscale plaques. Instead of getting an impersonal engraved plate, you can engrave straight on the wood. Your VIP clients won’t be disappointed.

Utah’s, Most Popular CNC Routing Services Team

With CNC routing machines, the future of design is already here. Stop limiting yourself by past conceptions of design. Instead, have us help you create your own tangible, multi-layered pieces in a matter of hours.

Ready to get your next project started? Talk with our specialists and see what CNC signs and routed artwork makes possible.