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Picture Framing, Installation & Custom Printing in Draper, Utah

For all your residential and commercial picture framing, printing, and hanging needs, turn to the skilled and creative team at Artistic Whole Supply, serving Draper, Utah, and the surrounding area. We help make homes and businesses more beautiful!

Picture Framing

The right frame can make or break a piece of artwork. At Artistic Wholesale, we help our customers choose the frame that brings out the beauty of the artwork without overwhelming it.

We also give you options for the type of glass you want. Certain types of glass are nonreflective and allow you to better see the artwork behind it. Other types block UV rays, so your artwork will not fade or degrade in the daylight.

A quality framing job should properly show off your artwork — whether you acquired it or created it yourself — and it should last a lifetime.

Canvas Printing

Lightweight and durable, canvas is what most museum pieces are printed on. It’s perfect for all types of artwork and photos.

Having a family photo made into a canvas print is also an excellent gift idea. You can opt to have it framed as well — with or without glass — but with canvas printing, you can hang your picture without a frame and it will still look fabulous.

You’ll see canvas printing services offered at many price points, but keep in mind that quality canvas printing is a skill. At Artistic Wholesale, our customers have complete confidence in our canvas printing services, and we know you’ll love the results. We produce crystal-clear images with colors that are true and vibrant.

Metal Printing

If you want your artwork to really stand out, consider metal printing. An image printed on aluminum makes a big impression on your guests or customers, and it says something about your sense of style.

To be sure, metal printing is an art, and the team here at Artistic Wholesale has years of experience printing sharp, clear images on metal.

An added benefit with metal printing is even though it is considered fairly unique and special, it’s also scratch-proof and waterproof, so you can hang your amazing artwork in the kitchen, next to the Jacuzzi or anywhere you like without worrying about damage.

CNC Routing

CNC routing is a technique in which we print the image of your choice onto a surface such as wood, glass, or plastic. This is a great method of creating a unique sign for your business or a personal piece of artwork you can give as a gift or display in your home.

Printing Services in Draper, Utah

Your artwork — and your photos — deserve special treatment. That’s just what they’ll get at Artistic Wholesale! And you’ll get to enjoy the results every day.

Remember that we offer discounts on bulk orders to our commercial clients in hospitality, health care, travel, and other industries. We also provide installation services for artwork, photos, and mirrors.

Rely on us for picture printing and framing services in Draper and throughout northern Utah.

Services We Provide in Draper

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