Dye Sublimation

Our dye sublimation process takes your print projects from boring to extraordinary. Finally, you won’t be constricted by the type of paper your print shop has available!

Instead, with our top-of-the-line machines, you’ll be able to print on all manner of unique materials, especially aluminum metal.

Dye Sublimation Printing for Metal & Aluminum Color Printing

One of the main advantages of this upscale process is that it opens the door to new and unique looks, including metal signage.

Metal is a superior material because of its smooth and durable nature. Many companies struggle to get clear and sharp images onto the material, but with our dye sublimation machines, it becomes a breeze. Using dye sublimation, metal printing and aluminum printing produce better signage for your business.

Not only will you get a one-of-a-kind look, but our processes won’t take weeks to produce either. Give your brand a sleek and sophisticated style by printing on metal and aluminum.

Your brand has a special feel — shouldn’t your signage be the same?

High-Quality Printing

The second advantage to choosing dye sublimation is its high quality. Digital printing presses apply the ink in a pixel style. This means that small dots of ink are placed on the material to create the desired image.

Dye sublimation is different. The ink is vaporized before it’s applied. This allows it to permeate the entire area, without leaving spaces or white areas between the pixels. The process gives your project a more defined and vibrant image.

If you want better images, the dye sublimation process is the way to go. You’ll get higher-quality prints, especially for metal color printing and aluminum color printing.

Long-lasting Images with Dye Sublimation

Lastly, this process is also more durable than other methods of printing. While inkjet and digital printers print on the top of an area, sublimation infuses the ink into the very material itself.

This helps your projects look newer for longer. Once you find that perfect design, you’ll want it to last and not worry about flaking or fading.

With our printers, you can trust that your projects will look good for a long time to come.

Partner with Utah’s Dye Sublimation, Metal Printing & Aluminum Printing Experts

Here at Artistic Wholesale, we offer the most effective printing options at the best prices available. You no longer have to choose between price and quality, you can have both!

You’ve worked hard to create your stunning designs; don’t let your effort get lost in translation. Head to a proven printer that will produce the image exactly how you want it. With over 25 years of experience, we know how to transform your work into tangible masterpieces.

Come talk with some of our printing specialists and learn how you can take your projects to the next level. Stop on by our Midvale, Utah, office or call us to hear more about our upscale printers.