Printing Services

Artistic Wholesale Supply offers premium printing services to help you reproduce lasting art and images for your home or business. Our approach is designed to bring out the best in your art, whether it’s a photo you took or a painting that fits seamlessly into your commercial design.

When you need custom printing in Utah, Artistic Wholesale Supply consistently delivers quality results.

Let’s Bring Your Art to Life in Midvale, Utah

Our production team is focused on excellence, both in the final product and our customer service. We complete your project in a timely manner, without sacrificing attention to detail.

Our specialized machine helps create colors and texture that jump off surfaces, immediately engaging the viewer. We create lifelike prints that draw in onlookers and never fail to make a professional, artistic impression.

printing services

Canvas, Paper, Metal — You Pick the Material

At Artistic Wholesale Supply, we welcome your creativity. We can print on paper, canvas and even metal. You have complete control over the final decision, but we are happy to offer advice on the benefits of each material.

Printing on paper sounds like a traditional choice, but the results are anything but. When printing photographs, the crystal clear sharpness we are able to achieve will astound you. Fine art paper prints deliver rich color with all the right light tones.

Canvas printing adds another dimension to a print, allowing the viewer to spot the subtle color and light changes that give the image its depth.

Metal prints are vibrant, unique and modern. It’s a new art medium, perfect for when you’re making a design statement. The brilliance is striking, and you’ll be ecstatic you tested new boundaries.

Complete Your Design With Printing Services

As every interior design expert knows, the right wall décor can completely transform a room. Whether you’d like to feature a custom print on your living room wall or you’re looking to place a bulk order for art prints for your entire commercial building, we are here to serve.

Artistic Wholesale Supply takes a one-on-one approach to every order, ensuring the finest details are handled with care. From printing services to custom framing, we’re a full-service operation. Just like an image or a work of art can transform a room, so a frame can transform a picture. We take great care in each step of the art reproduction process, delivering a final product that wows, whether it’s a single print or a bulk order of thousands.

Located in Midvale, Utah, Artistic Wholesale Supply helps clients everywhere finalize printed designs that meet branding goals. Whether you’re looking for printing services, custom framing or a framing supply delivery, we aim to please. Contact Artistic Wholesale Supply today for a free quote.