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Fine art paper prints stand out now more than ever. You’ve spent dozens of hours searching for the perfect look and maybe even longer creating them — don’t let your hard work go unnoticed.

When you partner with Artistic Wholesale, you’ll get high-quality fine art prints at competitive prices.

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve seen some of the most breathtaking art pieces come through our shop. We’ve also learned that behind every one of these works is a unique and special story.

We can help tell your story with our high-quality printing processes.

How to Choose Your Paper Options

Photo Paper Prints:

Photo Paper prints are available in a variety of textures and thicknesses. Standard photo and print papers include matte, lustre and gloss surfaces. We even have a brilliant metallic paper. All are great for standard prints for albums, scrapbooks or framing behind glass.

Vibrance Matte

Matte Photo Paper

Matte Photo Paper is the most commonly used paper. It is a cellulose blend with a matte surface that is bright white. It has a smooth non-reflective surface for clean colors and high density blacks. Matte photo paper has a weight of 230gsm, is 12 mils thick and has a 98% opacity rating.

Lustre Photo Paper

Lustre Photo Paper

Lustre Photo Paper is a resin coated cellulose blend paper. It has a lustre/satin surface with a slight “pebble” texture while still displaying clean lines and crisp colors. Lustre papers have been the industry standard for photographic reproduction for decades. It allows ease of viewing without surface reflections. Our lustre photo paper has a weight of 255gsm, is 10 mils thick and has a 96% opacity rating.

Vibrance Gloss Photo Paper

Gloss Photo Paper

Gloss Photo Paper is also a resin coated cellulose blend paper. It has a high gloss surface that is ultra smooth. The blacks are rich and the colors are brilliant. It may be a photographer’s most used paper. This paper has the greatest color gamut, dmax, and image resolution available. This 260gsm paper is 10 mils thick and has a 96% opacity rating.

Vibrance metallic photo paper

Metallic Photo Paper

Metallic Photo Paper is a resin coated cellulose blend paper. It is ultra smooth, but nearly appears to have texture due to its great color depth giving it that extra shimmer. The surface finish is metallic/pearlescent providing rich contrast with bright whites and rich blacks. This paper comes in a 255gsm weight that is 10 mils thick. It has a 96% opacity rating.

Premium Paper Prints:

Premium paper prints include fine art textured paper and fine art smooth paper. The fine art papers have look and feel of true watercolor papers. The textured can be compared to standard cold press watercolor papers, and the smooth compared to hot press papers. Both papers have a good heavy thickness.

Smooth Fine art Watercolor

Signa Smooth Fine Art

Signa Smooth is a more archival option in smooth fine art papers. It is rated to have a 100+ year display life when under glass. Its surface is a smooth felt with a slightly “natural” color. Still carrying a good heavy feel, it is a 270gsm paper that is 16mils thick. It has an opacity of 98%. The dmax is rich and colors are vibrant. Ideal for any project that requires longevity in color and fade resistance. The base composition of this paper is 100% cotton rag.

Fine art fiber paper

Riverstone Rag Fine Art

Riverstone Rag Fine Art paper has a superior baryta finish with a fine stipple texture. It can be best compared to fiber based darkroom prints and is ideal for black and white images. The color is rich and the blacks are deep. This is a premium archival paper with a longevity rating of 100+ years. The base composition of Riverstone Rag is 100% cotton rag and has a 98% opacity. It is a good dense paper at 365gsm and 17mils thick. This paper has a truly luxurious look and feel.

cold press watercolor

600MT Textured Fine Art

The 600MT paper is a cotton blend that is highly textured. It has a good heavy feel as it is a 320gsm paper that is 18.5mils thick. It has a good bright white surface with a 97% opacity rating. Similar to watercolor cold press papers, the texture is robust, but does not negatively affect the ink lay down.

Smooth Fine Art Watercolor

Optica One Smooth Fine Art

Optica One is a beautifully smooth fine art paper. As a 300gsm paper, it has a nice heft and felt feel. This 100% cotton rag paper is 16mils thick and has an opacity rating of 97%. Optica One is the brightest white of our smooth fine art papers. The bright white surface makes it ideal for black and white as well as color images. It is similar to standard hot press watercolor papers, but with the thickness that lends to the quality of the print.

Other Types of Prints

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Artistic Wholesale is a local business in Utah located at 6898 S. 400 West in Midale, Utah. Drop by our showroom and see print and frame samples before you decide. Our first priority is quality and your 100% satisfaction.

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High quality printing and framing at a great price. They are always willing to do creative framing styles for me.


Google Review

Artistic is the best. I am a local designer and have worked with them for about 5 years now. Super honest and fair but also creative and specifically we love Andrew. He’s always willing to think outside the box and get creative and help us get the concept accomplished sometimes adding to the design… Part of me is a little selfish in not posting this until now. I don’t want them to be too busy for me!!! 😉

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Why Our Customers Choose Paper

Your Look, Your Design for Art Prints

One of our main goals here is to portray your prints exactly how you’ve envisioned them. We know that even the smallest color changes can seem disingenuous to your work.

That’s why we use only the best printers and machines. When you work with us, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your fine art photo prints. Instead, you can focus on finding new sources of inspiration and design.

We know it’s a big step trusting us with your precious photos and paintings, and we always give you quality prints you can be proud of.

One-On-One Care for Your Fine Art Prints

One way that we are able to give our customers exactly what they want is through our personalized care.

When you choose to print your special pieces with us, we’ll set you up with your own printing specialist. You’ll learn about all the options available and how each one will look with your art. Already know what you want? That’s great! We’ll do whatever it takes to give you exactly the look you want.

You won’t have to worry about being funneled through to impersonal software. Instead, you will know there’s someone here who cares about your project just as much as you do! You can even stop by and see the facility in Midvale, Utah, for yourself.

Custom Order Sizes for Your Utah Fine Art Printing Project

Lastly, order only what you need, whether that’s one paper print or hundreds. When you partner with us, you won’t have to worry about ordering and storing hundreds of prints you don’t need.

You can also order custom sizes. We know that your art doesn’t fit into a standard size, so why should your prints?

Here at Artistic Wholesale, our goal is to help you succeed, and giving you more control over your art prints is one way we do that.

Fine Art Paper Prints Never Looked So Good

While your art is one of a kind, it sure is nice to share it with the world.
When you print with us, you’ll keep the look and feel of your work while at the same time creating easily distributable marketing pieces.
Call us to learn more about how to create your own fine art paper prints today!