Hotel Art Prints & Framing

Your hotel art prints and framing can help leave your customers with a fond memory of their trip — or a lackluster one.

When people travel, they expect for a brief escape from their normal, everyday lives. They want to feel pampered and relaxed. Even those who travel only for business want their hotel environment to be a sanctuary from the stresses of the trip.

Attractive hotel art can help create just such an environment. Here at Artistic Wholesale, we are dedicated to helping hotels transform their blank spaces into five-star galleries.

Utah Hotel Art Prints

While bare walls can help give your décor a more modern feeling, it can also give your brand a cheap and unfinished feel. Art prints help by giving your customers a pleasant view when they wait in your lobby.

Want a modern image? Try printing on metal with dye sublimation. With our upscale machines, you can print on many different media, metal included. If you want a more traditional and detailed image, we can print on canvases as well.

Whatever you need, we can deliver. We make our hotel prints using top-of-the-line printing processes and materials.

Stunning Hotel Framing for Your Hotel Art Prints

Stunning photos deserve stunning frames to show them off. In fact, not only does an inferior frame run the risk of breaking easier, it can detract from the image itself.

Here at Artistic Wholesale, you can create custom frames that match both your artwork and your hotel branding as well.

Trust us, custom is always better! Framing itself is an art. Our team will help you match many different styles to find that one perfect look. We have hundreds of materials available, which means if you want to match your frames to your sofas, we can do that.

Custom Hotel Mirrors Add Class & Elegance

Did you know we make custom hotel mirrors as well? Mirrors are a great way to add class and elegance to your space. A good mirror design can also help make your hotel rooms look bigger. They have become a popular hotel element in recent years for just this reason.

Don’t worry though; you won’t have to figure it out yourself. When you work with our team, they’ll help you get the right dimensions and the right framing to create stunning hotel mirrors and placements.

Find the Utah Experts for Your Hotel Art

With over 25 years of experience in the printing industry and even more in framing, we’ve worked with some big names. However, more important than that, we’ve learned how to keep prices low.

Whether you want to decorate one hotel or 20, we’ll help you get the best look with the most competitive pricing. Learn more about our wholesale printing and framing services, and see how they can transform your hotel into a five-star retreat.