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Resin Artwork + Framing

Artistic Wholesale is introducing new artwork into their lineup of products. Artist Andrew Heiner is creating Original Resin art onsite and displaying it in the showroom. If you would like to know who to make this artwork or interested in taking a look, Stop by and come into our showroom.
Resin Artwork
The colors of this piece called Purple River really stand out in our showroom. The same wall coloring is used in the artwork. The flowing look is created by using a two part resin. The resin is transparent and anything that is mixed or below the applied resin shows through. After applying the resin, paint can be dribbled onto the resin while it flows around the board. While the resin sets other items canbe applied to the top coat, this piece broken glass to add texture to the artwork
Resin Artwork
After the artwork dried, the artwork was framed using item # 1032 turned on it’s side with a small blue liner inset into the upturned frame. This made a deep floating frame with a small rabbet. The sides were lined with black Foam and the back was lined with the dripping paper that was used when the artwork was being developed. The art was floated about 3″ off the backing to create a deep shadow, mainly so the backing wouldn’t take too much away from the art itself. Foam-core was used as a backing and to create the space between the art and the backing. Because of the weight of the art, glue was used to adhere the layers.
Resin Artwork + Framing
Resin art looks amazing in person, photos don’t do it justice. the layers can be very complex almost like looking into a piece of granite counter top. Come in and take a lookat the artwork on the walls, maybe it will just give you the creative idea to produce your own show stopping content for your store.
Resin Artwork + Framing

Artistic Wholesale & our new website

Happy new year,

With the change of the new year some exciting things have happened on our website. The rights to the website and the phone number were purchased by Artistic Wholesale Supply. We are in the process of updating the moulding choices on this site to match our current inventory. This may take a while to complete, so while we are doing this please call and see what is available. We offer the same services that warehouse framing offered, with some newer choices as far as moulding and mats are concerned.

As we improve this website, I hope we can offer a better experience than that you were receiving at warehouse framing.


Artistic Wholesale Supply

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FEB 1, 2016


Artistic Wholesale Supply will from time to time chop and assemble outside mouldings for customers that regularly buy product from us on an ongoing basis. The following guidelines will be followed:

We will not store any outside mouldings for customers.
We will not chop, or assemble any outside product that is the same or similar to what we normally stock.
If moulding is delivered to our facility we will charge a $5.00 per box handling fee.
The customer is responsible to inventory and assure adequate mouldings for their needs.
We will not store any cut moulding. The customer will be responsible for any cut moulding or it will be discarded.
A minimum

    chop charge

of $6.00 per frame for mouldings less than 4” wide and less than 48” long. An additional $2.00 charge for mouldings wider than 4”. An additional $2.00 charge for mouldings longer than 48”.
A minimum

    assembly charge

of $10.00 per frame for mouldings less than 4” wide and less than 48” long. Larger, wider, or more complex mouldings will be charged an additional $11.25 per 15 minutes of time required with a $11.25 minimum.
We are not responsible for any defects of moulding or if the moulding is unable to be assembled due to warpage, chipping, or inconsistency.

This policy is in effect Feb 1 2016, and replaces any previous agreements or policies.